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Local NonProfit Awarded a Low Power FM Radio License from the FCC

Contact: Duke Gomez-Schempp
The People’s Press Project

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Local NonProfit Awarded a Low Power FM Radio License from the FCC

January 28, 2014–Moorhead, MN –On January 28, 2014, The People’s Press Project (PPP) was awarded a Low Power FM Broadcast Station Construction Permit from the FCC.

licenseThis is an historic moment in low power community based, noncommercial radio broadcast stations and a victory for community based radio. Media activist groups coordinated by Prometheus Radio of New York have been working for the past 10 years to open the airwaves for community groups to own and operate radio stations on the low power FM bandwidth. The FCC launched the Low Power FM broadcast arena in 2000 and were pressured by nation wide activist groups to ensure the stations had community control and ownership. As the application process and grassroots community movements became successful in getting community controlled, noncommercial radio on the air, Congress was influenced by corporate media and put a halt to issuing licenses that resulted in very restricted opportunities for communities to get on the air.

After a 10 year fight by Prometheus Radio and other Media Justice groups, the potential licensing of community based LPFM stations were opened up by the enactment of the Local Community Radio Act of 2011. This resulted in an opportunity for 1000 new Low Power FM licenses to be granted across the country in 2014 to nonprofits, schools, churches, community centers, farmworker organizations, unions, environmentalists, and just about anyone else who desires to amplify their message.

The FCC application process opened up in October of 2013 and by mid November, nearly 3000 applicants filed for the new Low Power FM licenses. The FCC has been diligently reviewing and awarding licenses since early January. The People’s Press Project was awarded a permit to build and develop Fargo-Moorhead’s newest Low Power FM station. The People’s Press Project is in the process of developing a fundraising plan, programming structure and organizational plan to be on the Fargo-Moorhead airwaves by the end of 2014.

The People’s Press Project (PPP) is a 501-c-3 nonprofit created in Moorhead, MN in May 2010
to address the lack of media access and equity in rural ND and MN. The PPP is uniquely positioned to have great impact to activate and engage media access and justice issues in the region. The Low Power FM radio station owned and operated by the People’s Press Project will be a powerful tool of communication for the entire community.

For More Information about the People’s press Project, Contact Duke Gomez-Schempp at 701-367-0403, by email at duke@fmppp.or or the PPP web site


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