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ndfreepressNorth Dakota News: By The People and For The People

The People’s Press Project (PPP) is looking for writers, journalists, social media contributors, multi-media gurus, photo journalists and North Dakota based stories by the people and for the people. The PPP is teaming up with the North Dakota Free Press to bring people who have news to share about North Dakota to have a vehicle to publish their stories.

“North Dakota Free Press is independent reader-driven journalism for North Dakota. Our news service is powered by our community of readers and is published in the public interest. Our mission is to provide a digital commons where all citizens can find reliable, unbiased news and information.” –

You can find North Dakota Free Press on the web at and you can find NDFreePress on Facebook at

We are asking people to submit their stories, blog posts, multi-media content and stories to PPP so we can generate a community based news feed of interest to North Dakotans. We are also asking for volunteers to do editing, copy editing, community news and outreach for

This is a unique opportunity to give the community a vehicle to publish their stories, their perspectives, their multi-media content and to contribute to the independent voice of North Dakota through a community focused news feed.

Anyone interested in participating in this project should send comments, questions, stories, news content and volunteer inquiries to Cindy Gomez-Schempp at or contact Cindy on Facebook at



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