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Call to Action from The People’s Press Project

Call to Action from The People’s Press Project

August 16, 2012

We have been contacting local and national leaders to support out community in a fight for Free Speech and our access to local Cable Access station and its equipment.

We encourage you and your organization to support our work and “Weigh In” on this issue.


Sign our Change.Org Petition and encourage others to do so.

To sign our petition, click here.

Write a statement and post it on the website as a comment at the bottom of the page at:

You can also post comments on our Facebook Page at:

You can do a recorded public statement that PPP will edit and release as a podcast.  (Contact for simple instructions on how to dial in and record your statement.)

You can call the Moorhead City Manager and the MCAM General Manager and tell them that you demand our rights to public access services including studio time, access to equipment and staff for production and broadcasting of public programming, and citizen journalism training.

Tony Tilton
MCAM General Manager
Office: 218.284.2700


Michael Redlinger
Moorhead City Manager
(218) 299-5305


Email the Board Chair of MCAM
Les Bakke

You can contact us at PPP and network on strategies, resources and people who we can help us reach our goal.


You can share this email with your friends! Hit forward to as many people as you can.


The People’s Press Project has worked locally for nearly two years to bring the Fargo Moorhead Community local governmental meetings and to host and archive information for the public. Although this work has been largely unfunded and local governments have been slow to support it, it has gained wide appeal and has been embraced by local government officials who seek greater transparency in government and democratic engagement. The last frontier remains our local access station (MCAM). We urge you to support our fight to give access, support, and training to local citizens engaged in gathering and disseminating information about the actions of local government. We cannot allow any local entity to stifle our rights to freedom of information and press!



The People’s Press Project


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