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Through this hotline, people in the community who have experienced racism in the school systems can finally be heard.

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Here are some rules: Please stay on topic. Messages not relating to the school system and discrimination will be removed. Don’t curse.

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Racism at MSUM



Testimony Given by Lillias Jones at the Fargo Board of Education meeting on October 25, 2011

The People’s Press Project has been filming Fargo Board of Education meetings for a year and making the meetings available to the public through the web and on Fargo Access TV-12.  During the past year of filming, we have noticed that it is infrequent that community members attend the meeting to address their concerns with the school board.  See the full story at HPR at –


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    • Lillian Jones on November 22, 2011 at 12:16 pm
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    First off, I NEED TO GET MY TAIL TO THE GYM!!! Thanks, Duke! Second – it’s been almost one month from the school board meeting where I requested a more appropriate and public response to the racial slur that was made by a FPS employee, and the written response has yet to be received. I made valid recommendations, and I don’t know if there is some “research” delay following my meeting with Dr. Buresh and Ms. Jordheim (which took place at the request of Dr. Buresh’s office) Nov. 1. One of my issues was the disciplinary options for FPS staff who violate the school’s conduct policy. Ms. Jordheim was to research ND Century Code and reference teacher contracts. Either way, I haven’t received my requested response…yet – although I heard that I had! Hmmm I’ll give them a bit longer and then restate my request in writing for their official response. LJ

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