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Podcast 2 — Information on Expanded DACA

Unidos130Podcast 2 Information on Expanded DACA
Today’s topic is: Expanded DACA


Podcast 2 — Information on Expanded DACA.  This is an opportunity to learn more about President Obama’s announcement on immigration regarding DAPA and DACA.  This week’s podcast covers Information on Expanded DACA. 


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Reminder to make sure getting good advice and avoid immigration scams

o Notice that new immigration scam saying you need to go back and file taxes before 2013.

Reminder– you cannot apply for these new programs yet. First program that will open is expanded eligibility for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Believe can begin to apply about February 18, 2015. If you were told before that you didn’t qualify for DACA, you may want to ask an attorney, accredited rep to see if you are eligible for the expanded DACA.



Questions to ask yourself
o Am I here without immigration status
o Did I come to the US before I turned 16?
o Have I been in the US since January 1, 2010?
o Am I currently in school? Have I graduated high school? Did I get my GED? –
§ it’s not too late to go back and enroll I school or get GED to qualify

Expanded DACA did a few things
o If you get approved work authorization and protection is good for three years (not 2 like under original DACA)
o No longer age limit. Before you had to be under the age of 31. So if you were “too old” for the first DACA, you may qualify now.
o Date to have been in the US is now 01/01/2010 (before it was June 15, 2007).

Criminal history- likely to be the same requirements under original DACA-
o Felonies, significant misdemeanors, three or more misdemeanors
o If you have ever been arrested, charged or convicted of crime need to get competent legal advice.
o This could include juvenile history too
o Future podcast to talk more about criminal history

If you have ever left the United States, you should seek advice to determine if it will affect ability to qualify for DACA

We don’t know about physical presence requirement date
o Original DACA need to presence in the US on June 15, 2012
o No mention of whether there will be a new date for expanded DACA – announcement date was November 20, 2014

What we know now
o New (revised) form for application
o Filing fee $465
o Documents- identification, proof of education, proof of when you came to the US, proof that you have continued to be in the US since 01/01/2010, criminal history
of when you came to the US, proof that you have continued to be in the US since 01/01/2010, criminal history


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