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Jalapeno infused tequila…

Jalapeno infused tequila…

By Josh Steiner

Welcome back sheeple, to my modest food porn blog, insanely hosted by the People’s Press Project.  Today I will compete for your rather limited attention span, by talking about something you know and love…  Booze, as we breathe fresh life into a bottle of tequila blanco.

Drawing a blanco

The only reason silver tequila or tequila blanco exists is so gringos can make margaritas out of it.  Frankly all the aged and rested tequilas complex yet subtle nuances would be annihilated by the overbearing lime juice.  These complex tequilas are better served like you would a scotch, simple and unadorned.  But, what do you do when you have leftover tequila blanco and you don’t want to make a margarita?  Add some complexity.

It’s getting chili in here

You can add complexity simply by cutting up a couple of jalapenos and soaking them in your tequila blanco.  Dice your jalapeno, deseed and rib if you don’t want it too spicy, but in my opinion, if it can’t bite ya’ back, you didn’t do it right.  Place diced jalapenos in a coffee filter, tie off the open end with a string (I use the string from a tea-bag, but never the political kind, which would be awkward, indeed) drop the filter end into the tequila and hold the string in place with the lid, or cork.

Like the philosopher poet Tom Petty said: waiting is the hardest part.  Fortunately tasting is the best part, test it once a day, until it meets your heat requirements.  I don’t even bother to check anymore before 3 days and I’ve never removed the jalapenos before giving them seven days in the tequila bath.  After 3 or 4 days the tequila will begin to take on a slightly green tint that just means that it’s working.

Complexity that can kick your ass

You’ll find that after a week soaking up the spicy sweetness of jalapenos that your silver tequila now has a complexity, usually reserved for their expensive, aged counterparts.  Serve as shots with the obligatory wedge of lime or serve over ice with a salted rim.  But don’t be afraid to reintroduce this tequila to a lime margarita for a spicy, makeover to the usually sweet margarita…

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Joshua Steiner is a restaurant industry veteran and otherwise food obsessed dude.  He brings his industry tips, tricks and please try this at homes, to the High Plains readers via the socially minded folks at the PPP.



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