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Chicken is One Stock Paying Off in Flavor Dividends…

By Josh Steiner

Chicken is one stock paying off in flavor dividends…
Welcome interested readers, to my ranting and formatless blog; food porn in the People’s Press Project, today we will maximize the family dollar, round out our flavor profile with a mirepoix, and invest our hard earned time in chicken stock while skimming the portfolio of toxic assets.

Maximizing your family dollar…
Throughout history people have found thrifty ways to stretch food to feed more with less. Why do you think there is bread in meatballs? Just ask any greatest generation era Grandmother, she undoubtedly knows a meatloaf recipe that will feed 27 people; while only using a cup of water, 2 ounces of hamburger, ½ a moldy onion, a slice of stale bread and the lid of a tin can
(jagged edge removed –Safety first people).

Recent economic times have dictated; that these old skills could again be useful considering the plunging value of the American dollar. So I propose as your flavor investment advisor that you get off of the cash tip and invest in chicken stock. The flavor yield is not only potent but the diversification possibilities are endless. Not to mention stock can stretch the dollar yield to flavor ratios by projecting further flavor yields in subsequent applications.

What do I need to know before I invest time in chicken stock? Nothing.
Did you know professional chefs often roast their chicken bones for increased yields in stock? So, if you roasted a chicken or picked up a rotisserie bird at the megalo-mart, you can save the carcass and you are half way there! Now you must diversify by rounding out your stock portfolio with the addition of 1 bunch of celery halved, 8 carrots, an onion halved, garlic bulb halved, and a sprig of thyme. Salt to taste but be careful not to over-salt because later stock applications will also include salt for maximum yield.

Now we are diversifying; next we place the leftover chicken bones in a large pot add all the vegetables, herbs, and salt. Fill with water until the breast bone of the chicken is covered and bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer. Now we wait for our flavor yields to increase and most of the work is already done. Make sure to skim the film in your stock occasionally while it simmers.

After 6 hours your chicken stock portfolio should mature and reach maximum flavor yield. Remove from heat strain through a cheesecloth and make like Isaac Hayes… Cool and then refrigerate the next day scoop out the separated fat… Done!

Use your maximized stock to increase the flavor yield of soups, gravies, sauces whatever you want. Alas, take care to remember that since this is home made there are no preservatives. That means you’ve got 3 to 4 days before it is time to dump this stock as its assets will soon be toxic.

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*Joshua Steiner has worked in restaurants and kitchens for most of his life and held just about every conceivable job in the industry. Now he’s bringing his tips, tricks and travels to The High Plains Reader and for you to use in YOUR kitchen.


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